Neck ties, an origin story

May 27th, 2014

The first neckties can be traced back to the year 1618, around this time Croatian mercenaries were in service of the French army. These mercenaries would wear clothing which was accustomed to their tradition. The French were (Parisians to be exact) interested in these neckerchiefs (which is what they were at the time). This is where the name “Cravat” came from, a combination of French language and the word for Croats.

When the French king began wearing these “Cravats” he set a new fashion standard that exploded in the whole of France, resulting in the widely applied necktie we see now.

But to get from the 1600′s to where we are now is a long way. This means that there are a whole lot of different ways to tie a tie and some of them are truly unique.

So here was a little background on the necktie we know today there is a lot more information to be found on but we will leave that up to you to invest in.



The Prince Albert Knot is not for every Gent

April 30th, 2014


Most people think that the Prince Albert knot is right for everyone, but I disagree. If you take a close look, you will notice certain imperfections such as its asymmetrical looks on the upper side of the knot which make it wrong for wide collar shirts.

It is also the case that this knot is right only for young men and by young, I mean men in teenagers or men in their early 20′s.

It may give the impression that this is a formal knot, but they don’t call it “the prince Albert knot” for no reason. In other words, anyone should think twice before choosing this knot for a job interview or work.

In fact, if you are thinking about making an impression at your workplace, you can forget about getting a raise. Plus, it just does not look manly enough.

However, there are many other different tie knots that you could try out like the half-Windsor knot which sounds common, but formal. I would play it safe and choose this knot if I were you.

You can never go wrong with that knot if what you are looking for is to look professional. I use it everyday at work and it never fails.

Enrich your present wardrobe using a fresh group of custom dress shirts

December 6th, 2013

By buying only custom dress shirts for men, men possess the chance to convey their concern for fine detail, no matter the fabric utilised inside the developing procedure. When you wish to cover up the unwanted fat out of your waist or highlight a perfect body condition, this item will undoubtedly come in handy. There’s a specific quantity of shirts that every single elegant man need to have in his clothing, each made out of a different colour, texture and style. Obtaining a variety of various dress shirts will help you to get a new image, even once you wear the identical suit. You are going to locate a number of different sources from exactly where you can acquire a custom dress shirt, and also the world wide web is just one of them.

Dress shirts for men

Going to the workshop of a certain designer is virtually the first issue that you simply ought to do when you desire to buy custom dress shirts. You can find distinct elements that need to be clarified prior to the made can start off working on your dress shirts: like your body`s measurements, height and weight, what kind of collar to use within the manufacturing method, the cuff type and any extra aspects that may influence the final outcome of his perform.


Not all men realize and understand the beauty that can be obtained by wearing custom created clothing. To be able to get an thought about what it truly is all about, it is possible to commence using a simple custom dress shirt. The process of making great custom dress shirts consists on 3 major aspects: setup, testing and enactment. However, with no clarifying all of the essential elements that surround this process, customers might be frustrated once they acquire their things. Make sure you talk with your designer and provide him all the information that he needs to know every single time you want to obtain a custom dress shirt.


Whenever you wear a shirt that was specially designed to fir your body, you are going to really feel much greater and more comfortable compared to what you experience when testing out a usual ready to put on shirt out of your regional retailer. You may need to take time and analyze all feasible possibilities whenever you want to obtain new clothing. Within this hectic society, folks do not have a lot time for you to strategy their buying sessions, so they finish up buying merchandise that do not satisfy their needs entirely. Numerous individuals avoid purchasing custom dress shirts since the delivery time is higher when compared with the quick transactions.


This might be appropriate, but persistence may possibly bring with it numerous positive aspects. To start with, in case you are a man that cares for particulars, you understand how crucial it is to possess a shirt that may match the body perfectly. You’ll be able to receive the model which you have thought, without having worrying concerning the thickness on the cuff or the size from the sleeves. You’ll be able to also choose the fabric that you just like best. In order to acquire the best custom dress shirts, you could desire to take a look at your present wardrobe and offer you a few examples for your designer.

Custom dress shirts with short sleeves are good?

November 3rd, 2013
We have just now not custom dress shirts with shorter sleeve length, not to be confused with shirts with short sleeves, we have plenty of them. But long-sleeved men’s shirts with short sleeves than the standard offer we do not at this time.
We have the opportunity to be able to offer it from one of our suppliers, so we can probably say that I’m out of here, is a less “consumer survey”. Is this something you think we need to work on, so finally ahead and let me read it really like to know, like in the comments under the post tarere here.
French cuff shirts
A shirt with normal sleeve length, measuring ca. 64-65 cm, with extra sleeve length measures they would like from 69-72 cm, it’s all the shirts that you will find in our current range.
But besides these sleeve lengths, so there is also the possibility to buy men’s shirts with a shorter length sleeve, which measures 59 cm. length is perhaps a little difficult to relate to, and as I have written about earlier, so it is not entirely straightforward to measure up to it with sleeve lengths, and the goals you may have. had to measure up to, one can nevertheless rarely use to the big anyway.
We have the opportunity to be able to offer men’s shirts from the OLYMP with short sleeve length, in 2 models Olymp Slimline/Modern fit and OLYMP Luxor. The Committee is not particularly large, there is a 4-5 standard colors and so is there like a 3-4 season/fashion colors in each half – summer and winter. And it is the ONLY uniform that is currently produced, after all – but it is more than nothing.
The question now is, is this something you might be interested in the shirts are some which we can. provide already now, with a delivery time of 5-10 working days, and may, depending on the model comes from str. 3